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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Potential application of a research: Civilian or Defense?

As I had said in one of my previous posts, I was at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for training in neutron scattering. Over the weekend, I was discussing this with some of my friends, and the discussion diverted to, in case such an opportunity arises, whether we would be comfortable taking research grant money from an organization involved in weapons development or for a project related to weapons development. I feel that as far as potential application of a research is concerned, it is a very thin line to separate out civilian use and military use. More often than not, most of the research done doesn't have a well-defined, narrow field of application. Research done on a topic might find potential use in both civilian as well as military applications. It might so happen that initially the research might find applications only in the civilian arena, but later on can be extended to military applications. Hence, it becomes increasingly difficult to judge beforehand, whether it is the right step working on a particular topic. Maybe, I am wrong, and that there are well-defined areas of application for each research done. But, as of now, I find it difficult to see that research can not be pervasive.


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