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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back, sort of...

I am back, though I don't know for how long. I have been dilly-dallying posting on the blog, though I had quite a number of drafts ready; but, I got a bit too preoccupied with other mundane things in life.

Michael Learns To Rock is playing in the backgroud, and the song is How Many Hours. The lyrics of this song caught my attention. It starts of as follows.

Mothers giving birth to a little son
crying in the rain of falling bombs
Father he is young but deep and wise
You see the fighter inside his eyes

More words follow till it says:

People selling flowers like nothing´s going on
turning their backs on a world gone wrong
Children play around I guess they found some wheels
You see them running down the naked fields

The words struck me, considering it is March 18, 2006 today.
The part of the lyrics which repeats itself, i.e.

Hold me cover my sight
This is no paradise
Don´t show me
the evil sides of the world

is something which I have felt time and again, not just today, but 'n' number of times, and for various reasons, which I won't delve into now.
Though I said not much above, I thought of just sharing this bit.