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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Signing Petitions.

Some people seem to think that signing petitions is one of the best ways for the concerned authorities to act in favor of whatever they are demanding. I seem to disagree on this aspect.

Signing petitions is just like donating money. It gives a sense of having done something. People get a feeling that by signing a petition, which has been signed by tens of others, or hundreds of others or thousands of other such individuals, they have made a big difference in solving the problem at hand. I am not aware of the statistics which depict how many such signed petitions actually forced the concerned individual to act as per what the petition demanded. However, I would not be surprised if such petitions do not even land up on the desk on the concerned individual.

Then, there are those people who start such petitions. I have a problem with those who believe that such petitions are the cure-all for all the ailments afflicting the society. Most of the petitions don't necessarily provide solutions to the problem at hand, but, just threatens the governing body against the action taken by that body. This doesn't seem to reflect any developmental work, but just hindrance to the smooth flow of the operation. I feel that there are better ways to tackle the erring governing body, such as forums for debates, approaching the judiciary, etc.

Unfortunately, the advent of internet has heralded another big chapter in this issue of signing petitions. Online petitions is a rage nowadays. Incidently, one of the topmost such online petitions, according to Petition Online - a website dedicated to creating and signing petitions online - is for issuance of US Postal Service stamp on Diwali, with more than 247,000 signatures!!!


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