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Monday, March 14, 2005

Look at the root cause...

The recent decision by the Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister to give Rs. 1 lakh to families with single-girl child doesn't seem to make much sense, if we consider the reasoning given by the government to implement this scheme. It is directed to increase the low sex ratio in the state, which currently stands at 943 females to 1,000 males.

The root cause of this problem is that such families think that a girl-child is more of a liability than an asset, and that once she grows up and gets married, she goes to her husband's place. Now, this new idea of giving Rs. 1 lakh will, if not maintain status quo, induce more reluctance on part of families to have a girl-child. This is simply because they will think that what good is this money if it is going to be given to their child and that too at an age when she will get married and be off to her husband's home. It is the in-laws who are going to benefit from this 1 lakh rupees. Further, it is going to worsen the dowry situation also, which, according to some people, is much more rampant in Andhra Pradesh, than most of the other states. The in-laws, knowing that the bride has received Rs. 1 lakh from the government, will press for this amount.

The government needs to think about striking the root cause of the problem, rather than coming up with such superficial solutions.


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