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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

International Women's Day

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day. The edit page in Tuesday's Times of India gives a good primer on this topic.

Since I know about India, I can tell one thing which is of relevance to this topic. Both the extremes of discrimination against the fairer sex is evident in India. While most of the rural areas reels under the aura of gender discrimination, the urbanites seems to take pride in the fact that discrimination against women is a thing of past. This is evident in a letter sent by a reader to TOI which mentioned that it is time to do away with the 'Ladies Only' seats in the BEST buses in Bombay (now known as Mumbai), and reserve them only for pregnant women, senior citizens, and the invalids.

The union budget presented by the Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, also provides sops to women. Notable mentions among these are the relaxation in income tax limits for women in workforce, and lower property taxes held by women as compared to men. Noble as it many sound the goals of these actions, however, I feel that it is, nonetheless, fraught with limitations. Apart from gender equality, the government wants to decrease the investment of black money in real estate. Now, I see no reason to believe that a property held by a female investor would make the investment perfectly white. On the contrary, it gives an incentive to a person to spread the risks associated with holding too many real estate investments under a single name, and invite the suspicious eyes of the authorities.

Even the commercial world is celebrating International Women's Day as is evident from the classified sections in Tuesday's TOI with a heading of 'Women's Day Times Classified', and LG electronics asking to 'enjoy the privilege of being a woman' by buying one of their electronics online and winning a surprise 'Women's Day' gift.

On a different note, AID-NM, the non-profit organization for which I volunteer, doesn't seem to have anything planned for International Women's Day, even though 'Women's Repowerment' is one of the three focus area which they have chosen for 2004-5. Hmmm...


Blogger SBR said...

AID-NM voted, favourably, to change the name of the position of 'Web-master' to 'Web-person' or 'Website Coordinator' or something else, yesterday. Though belatedly, it seems that AID-NM did 'celebrate' International Women's Day, though I would have appreciated it, if the celebration would have been in some other way.

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