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Monday, March 28, 2005

Commercial Interests of the US administration

The current United States administration is trying to prevent Iran from acquiring the same nuclear technology, which the Ford administration, consisting of President Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfled, offered to Iran in 1976. This comes in a report in Washington Post, under certain declassified documents. A notable sentence from this report is as below.
Charles Naas, who was deputy U.S. ambassador to Iran in the 1970s, said proliferation was high in the minds of technical experts, "but the nuclear deal was attractive in terms of commerce, and the relationship as a whole was very important."

The reports on US offering Pakistan with F-16s seems to create a sense of deja vu, since there is a larger goal of commercial profit in this offer too. A similar point is put forward in this article in Washington Post, aptly summarized in the first few lines of the report as follows.
The Bush administration's decision to sell F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan is likely to be as warmly greeted in Fort Worth as it is in Karachi.

That's because Lockheed Martin Corp. has said it needs new orders for the jet before this fall, or it will have to take action to close the production line there that employs about 5,000 workers.

Apart from the mixing of the church and the state, underlying commercial interests of the administration is also a big part of governance in the US administration. Enron is a live testimony of this.


Blogger Aditya said...

in this case, its not commercial interests of the administration - its just plain old political blackmail from Lockheed ... and the govt succumbing to it, esp considering its in Texas

6:35 AM  

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