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Friday, March 18, 2005

China, the overseer of Human Rights!!!

It seems that the current Bush administration in US will go to any length to make China happy ahead of Rice's visit. Just three weeks ago, the State Department criticized China on her human rights record. Now, just ahead of the visit by Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, US seems to have reversed its position on this same issue. Contradicting itself, the state department said that it won't introduce resolutions criticizing China at a 53-nation UN human rights conference. US seems to be hell-bent on appeasing China. Their reasons seem to be based on a few stray incidents on benevolence on part of China. However, US is conveniently forgetting China's blemished track record in human rights, which is getting murkier, as evident from the successful efforts by China to pass the anti-secession bill against Taiwan. Further, the recent volte face by the Dalai Lama seems to suggest strong-arm tactics in play by China. Bush seems to harp on bringing about democracy in Iraq, but turns a blind eye towards the political situation in China. I guess, he needs China more than China needs him.


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