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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Take Nepal's issue to UN; I don't think so.

Tuesday's editorial in Times of India says that India should take up Nepal's issue to the UN, unlike our neighbours, Bangladesh, China and Pakistan, who insist that it is Nepal's internal matter. The reason, the editor says that New Delhi should internationalize the lack of a democratic government in Nepal, is that such a move would put these neighbouring un-democratic governments in a spot of bother, when it comes to their turn to explain their so-called democratic governments.

I tend to disagree with this view. The reason, maybe you can call me a pessimist, is that India has been voicing concerns over the form of the government in our neighbouring countries, ever since they came into being. However, our voice was always drowned down by the lack of interest on part of the world community. Such a pressure on Pakistan would only backfire on the 'super-powers', given it's 'support' on the 'war on terror'. China is too strong and 'important' to take on right now; maybe, during the era of Soviet Union, they could have; but not anymore. Bangladesh, let's see, what reason can we give? Yes, maybe, Bangladesh doesn't have enough oil under it's soil, that such an effort would be a waste of time and money.

I get a feeling that as far as Nepal is concerned, India will have to go alone.


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