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Monday, February 21, 2005

The shuttling of the MLAs in Goa by BJP to Jaipur and then to Udaipur seems to suggest that these MLAs will not miss a chance to shift to the Congress camp in the face of the trust vote in the assembly. This is not the first time that a political party has taken such steps from getting their MLAs poached by the rival party. Congress MLAs dissenting against Shankersinh Vaghela were taken to Khajuraho. 34 Nationalist Congress Party MLAs were forced to a mandatory vacation in Indore, when the Congress chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh's coalition government was under pressure from the BJP-Shiv Sena coalition.

The point to be raised is that what good is an MLA, who can defect to the opposing party on just being promised a berth in the government. Such a person lacks the will to stick to the idealogies of the political party itself; how can he or she serve the common man then? Wouldn't a party be better off without such members? Defection just before and during the time of decisions involving change of guard in the government, viz. vote of no confidence, should be barred. This would prevent such power-grabbers.


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