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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Government, too...

Recent reports suggest that the state government in Maharastra would like the country liquor shops to open at 6 AM, 4 hours earlier than the current timing of 10 AM. The reason, as cited in the report, seems to be the higher revenues to the cash-starved government. Due to the recent crackdown on illicit liquor joints, the revenues of the country liquor bars has increased by almost 50%. Presumably, the state government has gotten greedy to avail more revenues by increasing the number of hours of operations of such joints.

Considering that many domestic abuse cases arise due to liquor problems, such a law will just aggravate this situation. The government seems to have forgotten its moral obligation towards the society. On one hand, it took action against illicit liquor joints (which is, indeed, good, if it persists in its drive againsts such places), and on the other hand, it wants to increase access to legal country bars. I guess, the axiom usually reserved for corporations, 'Profit before people', seems to apply even to governments nowadays.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why have laws to regulate the time of operation of liquor stores? Instead, would it not be more pragmatic to enforce DUI laws, penalize drunks who abuse public places, and especially have more tooth in the domestic abuse laws?

I consider these things like software hacks. They are ugly, but necessary. However, they cause more problems in the long run and therefore should be used as a short term solution only.

2:39 PM  
Blogger SBR said...

I am of the opinion, that, without the cooperation of the common man, the efficacy such laws isn't high enough. Any such effort should involve activism on part of the general public, like the recent decision of the Zonal DCP of Mulund, Marie Lou Fernandes, to involve women in the slums in Mulund to help fight alcoholism and drug addiction.


4:00 PM  

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