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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Basic Education and Economic Development in India.

With reference to Atanu Dey's post on A review of Education Related Posts Here and the subsequent referral by Niket's post on Education: A Prerequisite for Development, I agree on what Atanu has summarized "...My claim is that basic education (not higher education) is a necessary (not sufficient) condition for economic development (not growth)...".

However, I feel that the basic education in it's current form in India cannot support economic development. What good is an education which just teaches you to read and write and fiddle around with numbers? Economic development of a democratic nation depends, finally, on the citizens of that country. Just making them read and write won't necessarily impart critical thinking on behalf of the citizens. Without any such thought process, the country will slide towards ruins, specifically, if a corrupt official is a constituent in the governing body. A person needs to decide what is right and what is wrong, when it comes to judging the steps taken towards economic development. For a country like India, this process of keeping the authorities under check starts right from the villagers of the smallest village keeping its governing body under a constant vigil, and rises up to the national government. The knowledge imparted by textbooks, and the teachers, seriously lacks the 'dark' side of the, otherwise culturally and historically rich, India. It fails to address, in sufficient depth, social issues such as, among others, poverty, population, corruption, dowry, and domestic violence. At least, an introduction, to such topics would start the thinking process of a student. I would support for a revamping of the curriculum to include such topics, which ultimately, is going to direct a citizen's thinking.


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