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Friday, February 11, 2005

All the President's Men...

The cover page of the recent issue of Time magazine sports the image of Dr. A.Q.Khan, the erstwhile chief of the Pakistan's nuclear ambitions. Aptly titled The Merchant of the Menace, this issue gives an account on the nefarious activities of the scientist, who has made himself a big name in the nuclear weapons trafficking market, by doing business with regimes in Libya, Iran and North Korea, while being head of Pakistan's nuclear program.

The Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf, pardoned Khan the next day after he confessed to running the nuclear arsenal smuggling ring during an appearance on national television. Though he is under house arrest, such a punishment seems to be a far cry from what would have been expected of such a person, at a time, when mere mercenaries fighting for Taliban are languishing in jails under unhumane conditions. Considering the charges levelled against him, it would be naive to assume that he can go scot-free. Unfortunately, that exactly seems to be the case. The reluctance on behalf of the Pakistani president to investigate his network backed by the fear that several members of the Pakistani government will be in the dock, and the reluctance on behalf of US to pressurize the Pakistani government to investigate Khan, backed by the fear of losing Pakistan as a critical ally on the 'war on terror' seems to be important reasons behind Khan being still living lavishly. According to the magazine, the network is still present, and the hardware is still available. Musharraf is afraid that Khan will spill the beans regarding the complicity of the senior members of the Pakistani military and security services... who knows, his own complicity too.


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