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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Survival stories or Sensationalizing?

During the days following the Tsunami devastation, many news channel in India were deeply involved in presenting survivors' stories. They had extensive interviews of how a particular person survived by clinging on to trees or sitting under the rubble for days at ends. There is no harm in the TV channels spotlighting this never say die spirit of survival of certain individuals. However, I feel that it presents an emotional burden on someone whose kin was not that lucky and lost his or her life. Yes, some of us are born lucky, but the way it has been presented on these TV channels seem to suggest that they are born lucky at the expense of others who are not so lucky. Such was the extensive coverage of these survival experiences, that I feel that the relief and rehabilitation news took a backseat. I would assume that giving more importance to the R&R efforts would encourage more people to contribute towards these efforts, rather than basking in the glory of the survival spirit of us humans. It seem to paint a picture that all that mattered for these news channel was who can sensationalize the most.


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