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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Piracy is good too...

I was reading an article by Richard Heeks titled Myths of Software Development in Developing Countries. Among other "negative myths", he cites one myth to debunk, which I couldn't resist post it here.

"Piracy is ruining software production in developing countries"

Piracy accounts for 50%-90% of software consumption in developing country markets. Yet this has not crushed local software production. Quite the reverse. Piracy has grown the local market by speeding the diffusion of information technology and of software skills. As piracy diffuses standard imported packages, many local software firms have developed capabilities by producing localised versions through "reverse functional engineering" (Heeks 1996a). Piracy has stimulated innovation and has also helped the diffusion of software production tools.

My only comment is that it is an interesting observation.


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