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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Pre-quality days...

Got stuck in a number of reports, submissions, classes, etc., and hence couldn't post anything for almost 3 weeks. Thanks for inquiring, Aditya.

I was talking with a professor here, who had worked in a big company long time ago. Those were the times when punch cards were still in use in computers. Japanese had still not entered the US market, and Quality was still not a buzz word. The big company had bought computers from another big, well-known PC manufacturer. The professor noticed that there were some guys almost all the time in the room where the computers were kept. He got curious and wondered that these guys must be up to something really important that they were present most of the time in the computer room. Later on, he found out that those guys were from the PC manufacturing company. PC broke down more often than not in those pre-quality days. The PC manufacturer was trying to portray, and successfully, that when it comes to customer service, their personnel will be present 24/7, to the extent that the PC manufacturer put their own rooms in the client firm.

Enter the Japanese, and quality took a different meaning altogether. I wonder, how many such 24/7 customer service personnel lost their jobs, after the US firms also started paying more attention to quality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Off Topic WARNING]
Thank heavens for the small mercies Rathod bestowed upon the poor souls like me by allowing anon posts. Nice to read your post after a hiatus of 25 days. My last long hiatus lasted for 1 year, April 2003 to 2004.

- Niket

4:03 PM  
Blogger SBR said...


I knew that I had changed the option to let anyone post the comment. Somehow, it didn't accept, and that is why you couldn't post comments.

I hope that I keep on posting blogs and not go back in the shell again.

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