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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Another Blogger...

Hello all, this is an important weekend for me for quite a few reasons.

The first reason is that after keeping track of blogs of other seasoned bloggers such as Prashant Mullick, Niket Kaisare and Aditya Bedekar, I finally started my own blog. The least I can do is thank them for providing me with information on blogging.

The second reason is that, even though Raksha Bandhan is on August 30, 2004, I celebrated it on Saturday, August 21, 2004, for reason I will write later on. My friend whom I treat her as a sister (and, she treats me as a brother) met a common friend's house to celebrate it. Our whole friend circle was present there. The celebration started with sisters tying rakhees to brothers, having sweets, brothers emptying there wallets/gift bags, and tons and tons of snaps. Finally, we settled down to some delicious gujju lunch; trust me, the kadhi was awesome that I was left licking my fingers.

The third reason is that, in the evening, I went out for a farewell party for one of my friend and his wife. Now, why would this be important? It is most important, since this friend and his wife belong to the same circle which spent the past 4 years together, capping off with a Raksha Bandhan celebration in the morning at our friend's house. They are leaving Albuquerque for good to settle down at another job posting in US. And, since they are leaving on Friday, we decided to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this weekend. Trust me, it's a real sad feeling that comes to me, when someone such close leave, considering the times we all had spent together, through times when we were all enjoying going on long drives, through times when we used to get-together at someones place to just chat, have dinner, and play games, and times when I was terribly sick, and they took took care of me that I felt I was at home in India. I wish them good luck in all their future endeavours.

In all, at the end of the day, I was filled with very ambivalent feelings; I was happy to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, since I cherish this festival a lot; at the same time, I was sad to bid farewell to a friend.

Well, I guess, life goes on...



Blogger Aditya said...

welcome to the blogwagon .... you might want to allow anonymous comments, not everyone wants to log in to their blogger account (or may not even have one)

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